Purchase information | Renault Nissan Emissions Compensation Claim

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Please now tell us about your vehicle. We will not be able fully to assess whether or not you are eligible to join the claim unless you provide us with these details.

  • 1. Vehicle information
  • 2. Declaration
  • 3. Additional information and agreement
  • 4. Ownership Information
  • 5. How was the vehicle purchased?
  • 6. Proof of purchase & Statement of truth
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    When did you acquire your vehicle?

    Did you acquire the vehicle new or used?


    [group new-or-used]


    How did you acquire your vehicle?

    I received my vehicle as a giftI purchased my vehicle from a private sellerI purchased, hired or leased my vehicle from a dealership or other commercial seller

    [group country]

    Please tell us where you bought your vehicle

    [group dealership]


    Did you use finance to purchase your vehicle?

    I bought the vehicle using financeI did not use finance to buy my vehicle

    [group Finance-yes]

    Please tell us who provided the financing arrangement

    Renault and/or Nissan financeOther

    [group Finance-other-company]


    What type of agreement did you use to finance your vehicle?

    Personal Contract Plan (which may have been called `Agility`)Hire PurchasePersonal Operating LeasePersonal Contract HirePersonal LoanLease PurchaseFinance LeaseI do not knowOther (please specify)

    [group Finance-other-type]


    Please tell us the start date of your finance agreement

    Are you still making payments under your finance agreement?



    Current ownership status

    I still own the vehicleI have sold the vehicleThe vehicle was stolen or written offI part-exchanged the vehicleThe finance agreement ended and there was no option to buy or refinance the vehicleThe finance agreement ended and, although there was an option to buy or refinance the vehicle, this option was not takenThe finance agreement ended and I automatically became the owner of the vehicleThe finance agreement ended and I paid an additional sum to become the owner of the vehicleI no longer own the vehicle for another reason (please specify)

    [group ownership-other]

    [group finance-bought]


    [group not-owned-milage]

    Approximate mileage at time of sale


    [group not-owned]

    Please tell us the date on which it was sold, stolen, written off, part-exchanged or the date on which the finance agreement ended

    [group not-owned-received]

    If you no longer own your vehicle, please tell us how much you received for it when it was sold or part-exchanged. Alternatively, please confirm how much you received for the vehicle from your insurer in the event of a claim if, for example, the vehicle was written-off or stolen.


    Please tell us about anything else that you may consider to be relevant to your claim (whether you consider it to be helpful or unhelpful to your claim):

    [multistep multistep-277 "/statement-of-truth/"]

    Have you been affected? Are you eligible to claim?