Declaration | Renault Nissan Emissions Compensation Claim

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From the information you have provided we can see that you might be able to join the claim.

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  • 5. How was the vehicle purchased?
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    Our application process is straightforward and ought to take no more than ten minutes to complete. If you would like to claim in respect of more than one vehicle, you will need to complete this form more than once.

    In order to be eligible to join the claim, you must have owned or leased a Renault and/or Nissan vehicle in the last 12 years.

    You must also be able to say honestly that, if you had known that your vehicle used test-cycle recognition technology and might require in the future to be ‘fixed’, you would not have bought/leased it (or at least that you would have done so at a lower price).

    Please tick to confirm:

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    Please note final eligibility will be determined pending confirmation of your vehicle having been impacted directly and certain other matters.

    Have you been affected? Are you eligible to claim?