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If you have owned or leased a Renault or Nissan vehicle, manufactured between 2009 and 2019, you might be entitled to compensation. Check your eligibility now.

4 reasons to join the claim

1. Accountability
Following the exposure of the VW emissions scandal, a commission established by the French government to investigate Renault was unable to conclude that Renault had not cheated emissions tests in the same way as Volkswagen. In the Volkswagen emissions litigation the UK court recently found that Volkswagen used unlawful defeat devices to cheat emissions tests. Renault has been referred to French prosecutors for further investigation. Because of the Alliance between Nissan and Renault it is likely any of Renault’s failings will be applicable to Nissan.

2. Health
NOx is a pollutant which has been linked to an array of diseases including childhood asthma and even teenage psychosis. Recent reports have also indicated a link between those living in areas with poor air quality and people suffering the most severe Covid-19 symptoms. Some independent testing has shown that affected Nissan and Renault vehicles are the worst offenders in respect of breaches of emissions regulations.

3. The environment
Road transportation is the biggest contributor to NOx in the environment. NOx contributes to some harmful environmental issues including acid rain and smog build-up. NOx is a key contributor to outdoor air pollution in the form of ground-level ozone and secondary fine particulate matter. Ozone, when found at ground level, is harmful to vegetation and the ecosystem and is a powerful greenhouse gas. While car manufacturers may be able to fix offending vehicle engines through updating the engine software, it is difficult to reduce NOx levels without increasing levels of other emissions such as CO2 and soot. The effects of any such updates are unknown.

4. Compensation
Consumers could be entitled to thousands of pounds of compensation, if the claims succeed. In some cases damages could be higher than others, depending on the price of the vehicle and whether or not it was bought on finance.

Can I join?

Anybody who bought or leased (including those who bought second-hand) a Euro 5 or Euro 6 diesel or petrol Nissan or a diesel Renault vehicle in England or Wales may be eligible to join the claim. If you bought or leased an affected Nissan or Renault vehicle in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can still join a claim, but it will be handled slightly differently.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please visit our FAQs page, or contact the team at

Have you been affected? Are you eligible to claim?